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2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Loses The Box

Land Rover creates tremendous vehicles, but often has been accused of being ugly and boxy. The 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport begins the new Discovery lineup that leaves behind the box and brings in the sexy. The lines of the newest Land Rover Discovery Sport

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Land Rover Makes The Car’s Hood Transparent Virtually

Do you ever wish you could see what your tires are really just about to hit? Not in front of you, but almost straight down through the hood. Land Rover’s new concept combines a heads up display, front mounted cameras, and intelligence to make the

vilner land rover defender

Vilner Land Rover Defender

Some Land Rovers are built for luxury. Other Land Rovers, like the Defender, are designed for work and performance. Then there are those Land Rover Defenders which have been given the Vilner treatment. They go from the stripped to the essentials Defender style to unbelievable