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105 Inch Curved OLED TV from LG

Getting bigger screens is not always the answer to making a better television. The wider the screen, the less impressive the overall picture is from any given point in the room, since clarity declines as you move to the side. The new 105 Inch OLED

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LG G Flex Curved Smartphone

LG may not be the first to hit the market with a curved smartphone, but the LG G Flex is the first curved Android phone to hit a wide market. Samsung hit the market first in South Korea with the Galaxy Round, but LG’s offering

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LG 84 Inch 4K 3D TV

Forget about going to the theater and seeing inferior picture quality. Forget about HDTV because is it simply poor quality now. The LG 84 Inch 4K 3D TV blows them both away. Instead of 1080P Hi-Def you can experience 2160P of Hi-Def magic. This is