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Tree Light Sticks

These lights both delight us and confuse us. We spend all spring and summer picking up sticks and branches blown down by thunderstorms. Fall arrives and we start trimming, cutting firewood, and hauling off the last of the yard garbage. Why would we want to

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Piano LED Light by QIS Design

QIS Design wants you to play with light, not just be entertained by it. The Piano LED Table Lamp is playable light. The white LED lit strips look like piano keys and even work like them. Instead of hearing the music play as your run

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Striplight by Hafricko

The Striplight is a standard room pole light with an intriguing lampshade. The lampshade is designed to mimic the look of a woman’s wrap around skirt. In its initial stage it looks like any other standard lampshade. It is straight, linear, simple. Then you grab

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Minimalist Twisted Light

Those twisted coiled telephone cords we all grew up with are quickly disappearing from our homes and offices as everyone uses cell phones and wireless phones in place of traditional corded phones. Now there is a new use for those twisted cords that is cool

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Peel Light by YOY

From all the items from Japanese designers YOY, but this one stands out as our favorite. The Peel Light is a very thin LED light panel that is shaped to mimic the peel tab on a website or in a magazine but one that looks

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The Climbing Light by Black and Blum

Think back to great scenes in Sci-Fi movies. Picture those creepy over-sized bugs scurrying up the walls, flying across the room, and then sucking your brains out. Reality is about to bring that feeling to you every single day. The Climbing Light by Black +

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Bouche Neon Bottle Light by Seletti

Do you need amazing mood lighting for your bedroom or your dining room table? The Bouche Neon Bottle lights provide an artistic light that provide a warm colorful glow to set the mood in any room in your house, plus they are cool. The lights

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Atomic Duo Horizontal LED Light

EMandES does not just create LED lighting, they create fascinating lights that defy reason. This Atomic Duo Horizontal LED Light is simple example of their Atomic LED lighting systems. Using their visionary lighting tubes you can create almost any shape you want as long as

manilla rope light

Manila Rope Light, Perfect for Your Country House

Light fixtures add personality to a room and if you are looking to make your country house a bit more cozy, the Manilla Rope Light ($1100 USD) might just do the trick. Use one of the fixtures or even tight several together to make a

luminaid solar light

LuminAID Inflatable Solar Light

This is a device that every fisherman, camper, and backpacker should grab immediately. LuminAID has taken a small solar cell and LED lights and put them into and inflatable bag which can provide the same intensity and light as a lantern. What makes this light awesome