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Glass Jar Pendant Lights

Grandma canned fruits, vegetables, and pickles in a variety of unique jars with shades of greens, blues, and clear glass. These cool Glass Jar Pendant lights capture that era in history, re-purposing antique jars to make incredible lights for our homes. Inside each jar is

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Coffee Lights by Bernhard Stellmacher

Coffee Lights by Bernhard Stellmacher is simply brilliant, at least to those of us whose minds are powered by coffee. Coffee Lights create a tantalizing display to add to your kitchen, breakfast nook, or for above the coffee bar in a meeting room at your

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Winnie Lights by Nikolo Kerimov

Designer Nikolo Kerimov has done an impressive job at converting honeypots into fantastic light fixtures that even Winnie The Pooh would approve of. These fun lights look great as a kitchen lighting accent or for a kids room to bring out the playful spirit of