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Strong Like Bull Magnets

Those papers just fluttered to the floor again. All it takes is one blast from and electric fan and the average refrigerator magnet drops their load of papers on the floor. Gentlemen, it is time to upgrade your refrigerator magnets to the dismay of all

ninja knife magnets

Ninja Knife Magnets, Look Awesome On Your Fridge!

Wether its hanging up some art work by your kids or even just a grocery list, these Ninja Knife Magnets ($18 USD) are just that awesome. Not only does this Ninja Knife stick to your fridge but also has a small hole at the end

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An Almost iPhone Magnet App – Cool Gifts for Men

Now there is even an app to hang notes from the refrigerator.   You have found the apps for figuring bills, buying tickets, exchange rates, and even cool little games, but until recently there was no app to take care of our children’s artwork masterpieces