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The Casper Mattress – Small Box Big Comfort

How do you feel about memory foam mattresses? That “sink-in” feeling found with most memory mattresses is a favorite of many, and hated by an almost equal number. The Casper Mattress is trying to change all of that. The mattress is made by creating a

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Sliced Cuddle Mattress

How often does your arm fall asleep when snuggling with your honey? You would love to keep snuggling, but that dead, tingling feeling in your arm drives you nuts and ends the closeness. Designer Medhi from Cuddle Mattress faced the same problem, but instead of

full moon mattress by i3lab

Full Moon Mattress

Imagine being able to tell the next person who asked if you had a good night of sleep that you could answer by saying, “I slept great, just like I was sleeping on the moon.” ┬áThe Full Moon mattress is not just a simple round