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This Maybach Exelero Is Fit For A Zombie Apocalypse

Daimler may have decided it was time to shut down their elite Maybach line of cars, but Khaled Alkayed decided to turn his into something truly monstrous. The Maybach luxury cars always looked and performed like a dream, but Khaled’s reimagined Maybach is ready to

18rappers and rides

18 Rappers and Their Rides on Instagram

Rappers love their money. They love rapping about it, throwing it in the air, and spending it. Wether it be on lavish homes, clothes, jets or jewelry, nothing sets a precedence like a brand new exotic ride. Sometimes those that aren’t wise enough spend it

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Maybach Exelero

Do you have an extra $8 million burning a hole in your pocket?  Then you should take a serious look at the Maybach Exelero created for tiremaker Fulda. They intended to use the car to showcase their newest high performance tires then sell the car