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Civic Duty Sneakers

Have you ever noticed those big rolls of home insulation plastered with the name Tyvek on their outer surface?   Civic Duty Shoes has take the durable material, which is similar to duct tape, and created a complete new line of shoes. Tyvek comes in a

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Zuriick Springer Velcro Sneakers

Sneakers have a tendency to always look sporty, but not when they come from the Zuriick Springer line-up.  This high-style and colorful Velcro Sneaker from Zuriick Springer will get heads turning and people asking where you bought them. The first thing which grabs your attention

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White Mountaineering Mid-Top Sneakers

White Mountaineering is letting the public catch a glance at their upcoming 2012 Spring and Summer collection and it is amazing. These mid-top sneakers from White Mountaineering are sure to become one of their hottest items. The lower riding shoe created out of heavy denim looks

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The Riley High Top Shoes – The Hundreds Footware

You can stop your search for the perfect combination of  Hip Hop style and hit the streets in style sneakers.  The Riley for The Hundreds Footware is oozing with style.  The deep burgundy leather uppers with black highlights will be the first thing to catch

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Patta, Warrior & Staedtler Sneakers

Warrior has been a household  name in China for decades because of its classic and affordable silhouettes. Due to its success in China, the best move was to partner up with German writing instruments company Staedtler to present a mini back-to-school collection in Europe. The

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Air Jordan III Black Cement 2011 Retro Shoes

It is amazing how long the Air Jordan line of shoes has stayed at the top of the industry.  It is not accident this has happened.  Any shoes carrying the Jordan name are designed to be functional, fabulous, and stylish.  The Air Jordan III Black

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Custom Hand Painted Star Trek Shoes

Who is willing to admit they are the biggest Trekkie in town?  If you are ready to step out in front of the world to show your love for Star Trek, these shoes will provide the perfect way. Every pair of these custom shoes are painstakingly

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Lanvin Zip Suede and Mesh Sneakers

The Zip Suede and Mesh Sneakers from Lanvin have a great look for men.  The shoes use a leather inner sole and innersole.  The leather is offset by mesh inserts which increase the style.  These sneakers come in a variety of colors including a black,

Blanc & Noire Spring Summer 2012 Footwear

Blanc and Noir 2012 Spring/Summer Shoes

Blanc and Noir knows just a little about fashion.  It seems like every year they manage to come out with a big hit in sneaker designs.  It looks like their 2012 Spring and Summer line-up is going to make another big splash. These shoes are