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Waterscrapers Might Be The Future for Our Skyscrapers

The annual skyscraper concept contest by Evolvo magazine took an unusual turn a few years ago that is beginning to gather more interest. Malaysian designer Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum entered a design that took the skyscraper off the land and buried it in the ocean.

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The Holman House by Durbach Block Jaggers

70 Meters above the water in Sydney Australia, leaning out over the rocky cliff, stands the Holman House, a creation of Durbach Block Jaggers Architects. Many homes are created near a cliff, or even at cliff side, but rarely is a home created that challenges

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Wandana Residence by James Deans and Associates

On design shows the critics always discuss the curb appeal of a home. They talk about the importance of the front exterior and landscape almost like it is the most crucial feature determining value of the home. In the case of the Wandana Residence, James