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Waterscrapers Might Be The Future for Our Skyscrapers

The annual skyscraper concept contest by Evolvo magazine took an unusual turn a few years ago that is beginning to gather more interest. Malaysian designer Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum entered a design that took the skyscraper off the land and buried it in the ocean.

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Wandana Residence by James Deans and Associates

On design shows the critics always discuss the curb appeal of a home. They talk about the importance of the front exterior and landscape almost like it is the most crucial feature determining value of the home. In the case of the Wandana Residence, James

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Planter Table by Emily Wettstein

You have probably heard about trying to bring food closer to the table to increase freshness. Usually that means buying locally grown foods, items from your own garden, or as free from processing as possible. Emily Wettstein took the concept a little further from one

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Island Retreat by Feron Hay

Imagine having your own Bedouin caravan island retreat. These fun structures from Feron Hay Architects were inspired the the soft canopy look of a Bedouin caravan. The roof lines look like canopies lightly draped and anchored with soft curves. The mulitple structures, or living areas,

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Spectacular Cliff-Side Cabin by Tres Hermanos

WMR Architects in Chile have created a true masterpiece with their Tres Hermanos Cabin in Mantazas Chile. The cabin hugs a cliff and looks down on the ocean crashing onto the shore below. WMR created this cabin with the intent to keep the cost low,

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Gesture Chair by Steelcase

How has your life changed since you started using a tablet PC or SmartPhone at work? You probably sit differently. You move, recline, and work in positions you never used before. You lean back to send emails and to chat with people instead of sitting

metropolitan bike rizoma

Metropolitan Bike by Rizoma

Rizoma’s motto is “Refuse the Usual” and with the Metropolitan Bike they bust out of the form of usual. At first glance this bike looks very simple, but you need to look closer. It starts with one of the cleanest looks you will find on

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Abisko Washbasin by Johan Kauppi

The Abisko Washbasin is an interesting departure from ordinary bathroom sinks.  The Abisko is a gently flowing creation which mimics the soft curves and flowing water of a mountain stream.  There are no drainage pipes to be found on this washbasin. The water drains from

presotto zero bed

Presotto Zero Bed

You walk into your bedroom and see the light glowing from underneath the hovering circle in the darkened room. Have you entered the world of Star Trek?  No, it is just the Presotto Zero Bed standing beautifully in your room. The Presotto Zero Bed uses