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Magnetic Configurable Bookshelves by Antonella Diluca

You say bookshelves are boring? Do not let Antonella Diluca hear you say that. She is likely to show you a hundred different ways to shatter your belief that bookshelves are boring with the Citybook and Citybook W shelving systems. Imagine the flexibility of changing

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Plum Stool Series 2 by Alvaro Uribe

Tired of the old styles of chairs and stools in your home? Alvaro Uribe decided to look at chairs from an artistic and naturist view and design something completely different. The Plum Stool Series flows and curves like nature. From the behind the chair is

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Kaji Lamp by Peter Yong Ra

Kaji Lamp by Peter Yong Ra of Minneapolis is a refreshing blend of minimalism and nature. The word Kaji stands for branch in Korean and is the inspiration for this simple lamp that doubles as minimalist sculpture for your home or office. The pieces is

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Planter Table by Emily Wettstein

You have probably heard about trying to bring food closer to the table to increase freshness. Usually that means buying locally grown foods, items from your own garden, or as free from processing as possible. Emily Wettstein took the concept a little further from one

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Kangura Armchair by Gio Mussi

Do you get tired of sitting the same way all the time? You need a chair that switches from sitting upright, to reclining, to laying down depending on mood. Both the Kangura and the Slim from Mussi let you twist and fold the chair to

presotto zero bed

Presotto Zero Bed

You walk into your bedroom and see the light glowing from underneath the hovering circle in the darkened room. Have you entered the world of Star Trek?  No, it is just the Presotto Zero Bed standing beautifully in your room. The Presotto Zero Bed uses

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Hoesch Water Chaise Lounge

Sometimes things look a little too odd, and then as you look more closely the light bulb goes off in your head and you simply want it. The Hoesch Water Chaise Lounge is this type of product. At first glance you will wonder why anyone might