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Hiyoshi House by EANA

EANA stands for “Enjoy and Architecture” but it appears someone forgot to tell the architects at EANA that design means using crazy angles, wild ideas, and multi-level sections everywhere. Maybe they are just smarter than those other architects and realized that sometimes the simplest, boldest,

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Crown House Vision by 81.WAW.PL & Michael Nowak

The Crown House is a design create from the amazing mind of 81.WAW.PL. It is just one more example of home and building designs which take us a step into the future combining nature’s surroundings, hard geometric lines, and bold artistic vision. This design has

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Island Retreat by Feron Hay

Imagine having your own Bedouin caravan island retreat. These fun structures from Feron Hay Architects were inspired the the soft canopy look of a Bedouin caravan. The roof lines look like canopies lightly draped and anchored with soft curves. The mulitple structures, or living areas,

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Spectacular Cliff-Side Cabin by Tres Hermanos

WMR Architects in Chile have created a true masterpiece with their Tres Hermanos Cabin in Mantazas Chile. The cabin hugs a cliff and looks down on the ocean crashing onto the shore below. WMR created this cabin with the intent to keep the cost low,