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Gerber Money Clip with Hidden Knife

Gerber’s GDC Money Clip keeps your money safe in two ways. The nitride coated steel body looks great and is strong. It can hold up to five credit cards and a stack of cash making sure it stays together ready for you to grab. The

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Self Defense Money Clip

Worried about someone trying to steal your money? The Self Defense Money Clip may make the thief wish he had never asked you to get out your money clip. The clip serves a variety of purposes. It will hold your money and keep it in

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Invisible Money Clip

This intriguing idea lets you create your own custom money clip and startle everyone. The invisible money clip use an adhesive, a clever clip, and the bill of your choice to make the clip. You can stick a $1 bill to the clip or live

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AK47 Money Clip

Keep your hands off of my money sucker! Straight from Mathmatiks Zombie Survival Collection comes the AK47 Money Clip, the perfect way to tell everyone you take your money deadly serious. The money clip uses a 22K Gold Plating and black rhodium to give the