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Gentleman’s Ice Tray, Perfect for Movember

Your home bar is sophisticated. Your choice of booze is tasteful, aged, smooth, and expensive. You have beautiful glass tumblers, wine glasses, shot glasses, and other glassware for your bar. Your ice bucket is elegant with beautiful polished ice tongs. All you need are ice

mustache straws

Moustache Straws, Perfect for Movember

Whether you use them for Movember or just for plain fun, the Moustache Straws ($18 USD) are great to have lying around the house. A set includes six reusable moustache clips with straws and measure around 3 inches.

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Crustache Sandwich Cutter

As Movember is just around the corner, why limit yourself to just a moustache when you can stache up your food as well. The Crustache Sandwich Cutter (USD $15) makes the ideal peanut butter and jelly sandwich shapes. Stache styles include Prince of Peanut Butter,