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Face Mug

Do you get accused of always having a cup of coffee or tea shoved against your face? Or is it the morning donuts or afternoon cookies everyone comments about? It is time to get even with all of those do-gooders comments and leave them speechless.

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Chalkboard Beer Mug

Do you always wonder which mug of beer is yours? Have you ever thought it would be cool to send a beer to a pretty lady with a special message attached? The Chalkboard Beer Mug makes it possible. The mug has a small chalkboard wrapped

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Drip Free Coffee Mug

Designer Kim Keun Ae has solved the age old problem of your coffee mug leaving rings of coffee stains on your table on under your paperwork. Though these rings are normally caused by one small little drop of coffee, the Drop Rest mug is an

shark attack mug

Shark Attack Mug

If you are looking to make breakfast a bit more dangerous or simply just scare the daylights out of your buddies, the Shark Attack Mug ($15 USD) does the trick. The first few sips from this innocent looking mug will be all the worthwhile when