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Nokia Lumia 925

Most of us had written off Windows 8 as an also ran operating system relegating it into Microsoft’s trash head that included Windows ME ¬†and Vista. Suddenly there is a reason to get excited again, but it has nothing to do with a desktop. The

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Future Cell Phones: Kinetic Concept for Nokia

British designer Jeremy Hopkins took made his interpretation on what should be the future cell phones for Nokia. His latest concept called the Kinetic converts digital information into kinetic energy and makes receiving, dialing, sending a text message or email, all the more visual. This incredible

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Nokia N9

The battle of the cell phone are at full force and Nokia is proving that they still got what it takes and unveils their latest sleek new smartphone – the N9. This model is equipped with a 4 inch AMOLED screen, 16GB or 64GB of