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Recycled Jeans Octopus Chair by AtelierBlink

Do you want to feel safe and secure while you lounge in your living room watching the latest horror flick or tense drama? Would getting surrounded and hugged by the six arms of a giant octopus make you feel warm, cozy, and safe? Think again,

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Modern Octopus Table Lamp by Markus Johansson

This piece of Octopus inspired furniture takes a little different twist than the other items we have recently features. Its organic modern design crafted from Corian does not limit itself to six tentacles, instead it has variable numbers of tentacles depending on the size and

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Black Octopus Chandelier by Maria Grazia Rosin

What are you going to do for lighting in the room you put all the cool Octopus furniture we have highlighted recently. You need something stunning, bold, and with tentacles. Maria Grazia Rosin charmed black and red glass into becoming an adventurous Black Octopus Chandelier.

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Octopus Table by Jesse Shaw

Jesse Shaw Furniture has created an incredible looking Octopus Table with a round glass top. The Octopus is made from solid wood and curving tentacles to hold the top in the air. The curved bottoms of the tentacles provide a firm grip to the floor.