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Wake Up Refreshed and Happy with Philips Wake-Up Light

The Philips Wake-Up Light does not eliminate the need for an alarm clock, but it does dramatically change the experience. You set the light to gradually increase in light prior to your alarm sounding. The increasing light triggers your senses into signaling your body it

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Philips Friends of Hue Lighting

Have you ever stared in wonder at the beautiful mood lighting some homeowners use in their rooms or outdoors? The colors are inspiring and add a touch of magic. Did you ever stop to wonder what they are going to do when seasons change, their

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Philips M1X-DJ iPad Dock and DJ Mixing Deck

Philips is giving you the opportunity to become your street’s coolest, hipped, most bad-ass DJ. The Philips M1X-DJ iPad Dock and DJ Mixing Deck gives you an unbelievable 80 Watts of power in the tiny docking station. You get all the professional platter controls, faders,

philips designline led hdtv

Philips Designline LED HDTV

As technology continues to surpass itself exponentially every year, we continue to have the need to upgrade our television to the latest and greatest. With some many performant TVs on the market, Philips decided to do things differently with its latest DesignLine LED HDTV ($TBD). Forget

philips fidelio l1 headphones

Philips Fidelio L1 Headphones

Extreme comfort and high-fidelity reproduction are the two major items most of us look for in headphones and is exactly what the Philips Fidelio L1 Headphones ($270) deliver. The starting point of the comfort is their weight. They are extremely lightweight for easy wearing. The band is