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Pillow Talk Cases

Has the battle begun in your home? Every new relationship begins the battle of who gets what spot in the bed. There is your side, her side, and as every man knows, the line blurs according to her mood. It is time for you to

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Pillow Fight Gear

Equip your lightsaber, scimitar, double sided viking axe, nunchucks, ninja star and grenade, its a real Pillow Fight. Made from silkscreen on fabric, these pillows are not only the coolest things ever but make for the ultimate pillow fight for you against your kids. Safe and

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Wake Up Vibration Alarm Clock Pillow

Cool gadgets are not always cell phones, computers, and games, sometimes they come in the form of a simple bed pillow. This very inspired pillow is the creation of Seung-Jun-Jeong and takes away all the worries of waking up in the morning, or bothering other

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Plushtography Canon 24-105mm Lens Pillow

Are you a photography nut or do you know one?  This Plushtography Canon 24-105mm Lens pillow is one of the coolest gifts for men who love photography you will ever find.  Instead of giving them a piece of photography equipment and seeing their nose wrinkle

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Sleeping On The Job Solution Reinvented

In our day and age we tend to spend a lot of time at the office. For those who spend a lot of time and need ultimate solution for the best power nap in town be sure to get your OSTRICH. This pocket pillow will allow