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Pongo Portable Ping Pong Set

They might like to call it table tennis for the olympics, but we all know it is really ping pong, one of our favorite sports due to its simplicity and fun, but there never seems to be a table around. With Pongo Ping Pong, any

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Next Generation Ping Pong Table Concept from Sweden

The Waldner Stiga concept ping pong table foretells a very different game in the future of Ping Pong. The design leverages the power of an Apple Mac Pro 12-Core processor to help monitor every motion and strike of the table. Instantly you would know if

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Brodmann Blades Ping Pong Paddles

It has been nearly 100 years since a major change has occurred in the table tennis world and the Brodmann Blades is ushering in a change that could be far reaching. The Blrodmann Blades completely changes the way a player uses their paddle. Instead of

ping pong dining table james de wulf

Concrete Ping Pong Dining Table by James De Wulf

James De Wulf has a interesting outlook on combining dinner and entertainment. He starts off by taking concrete and transforming it into a shining, incredibly strong, Ping Pong table. The large table is built with an inch thick plate of concrete creating a full-sized ping

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Ping Pong Conference Room Table

When the discussion gets red hot in the conference room there is nothing left to do but pull out the paddles and battle for a victory. The Ping Pong Conference Room Table ($TBA) may seem a little odd, but think about how effective it could be

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The Floating Ping Pong Table

We have featured the floating pool table, the floating poker table, and now the floating ping pong table.  There is never a reason to feel bored in your pool at home or during a pool party again.  The only thing which could stop you is