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360 Degree Rotating Outlet

With all of our chargers, over-size plugs, and other gear, our outlets never seem to work quite right. You can plug in one item, but then we waste the other outlet. Sometimes the traditional position does not work well for cable management, too. The 360

node power outlet

Node Power Outlet – Solving Your Home Outlet Shortage

The Node Power Outlet is clever and useful at the came time.  MetaPhys of Japan has created a new style of electrical outlet which gets rid of many of the problem of traditional outlets. The two dual grooves curving around the wall plate are live

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PlugBug Charger Optimizes your Outlet

Here is the solution to all your multi-Apple power adapters you have been constantly switching in and out of your power outlets. The PlugBug by Twelve South consolidates your 10W USB iPad/iPhone charger and your plug for your Macbook Pro into one happy adapter. Charging