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Doettling Fortress Safe

We frequently feature watches with prices exceeding the price of car or even a small home. How would your protect your watches? What about your wife’s prized jewelry, your stash of expensive cigars, a little cash, and few other valuables? The Doettling Fortress Safe is

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Surge Protector Diversion Safe

A safe does not need to be made out of hardened steel and weigh hundreds of pounds to be effective. It just needs to thwart thieves from their mission. StreetWise’s Surge Protector Diversion Safe protects your valuables by hiding them in place thieves never think

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Couch Safe for Guns and Valuables

Where is the best place to store your guns and valuables? In a safe out of sight is the best place, but where can you do that in your home? The designers at BedBunker came up with a bright idea that solves this problem for