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Samsung Galaxy S6 – Let The Rumors Fly

The silence out of Samsung is deafening. We know behind those R&D walls magic is being created and now the rumors are beginning to fly. The entire world knows the Samsung Galaxy S6 is racing towards the market to help Samsung regain their leadership role

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Samsung Gear S Takes Smart Watches to the Next Level

Manufacturers are coming out with Smart Watches and wearable gear rapid fire, but Samsung has just leaped back to the front of the pack with the announcement of the Samsung Gear S. The Gear S enhances the wearable experience by adding more apps and features

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Unveiled

It does not look that different, but looks can be deceiving. A quick glance at the S5 leaves you wondering what all the fuss is about, but then you start to read the feature list. Start with the new biometric finger scanner to make sure

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Samsung Galaxy Round

Jealousy just struck the hearts of Samsung users outside of South Korea. The new Samsung Galaxy Round takes their great line-up phones in a new direction untouched by other smart phone builders. The Galaxy Round has a curved case and screen that provides a better

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung is leaping in front of Apple in a unique new direction with the impending release of the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. The Gear is not a replacement for your cell phone, but instead is an extension to your Samsung handset. It alerts you to text

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Samsung Galaxy Mega

The line between tablets and phones has just become very thin. The Samsung Galaxy Mega comes in two sizes a 5.8″ screen model and a 6.3″ screen model. Yes, those are both phones, not tablets. Looking at the features packed into the phones may get

samsung galaxy s4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is back with their latest Galaxy S4 ($TBA) smartphone just in time to storm the market and make any iPhone 5 or Blackberry Z10 user think twice about their purchase. Not only does the S4 have good looks it is equipped with a 5-inch, 1080p