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Grungy Industrial Plumbing Shelving

Have you ever stared at those grungy black pipes snaking through your basement and crawlspace? When Stella Beau Designs saw those pipes, their eyes lit up with possibilities instead of disgust. Using the twisting, turning, industrial strength pipes, they created and incredible wall mounted bookshelf

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Vintage Suitcase Shelves

What a cool idea! Imagine how much extra storage you get by using suitcases for shelves. You can grab used suitcases from your local second hand store and mount them to your walls to make incredible shelves with extra storage inside. Here’s the strange thing.

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Mimi Wall Support by Claudio Bitetti

Hands down this is one of the coolest items we have seen for your home. The Mimi Wall Support is a fantastic way to hold a mirror, mount a bookshelf, or hang other items on your wall. The gloved hands mount securely to your wall

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PinPres Shelves

PinPres Shelves provide a marvelous storage system for adults and kids. The shelves are created with kids in mind, but you can be 100% sure more of these shelves end up in adult rooms than kids rooms. The shelves are created by pushing and pulling