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Wheeled Snow Shovel – No More Aching Back

Did you pull out that old snow shovel and feel the twinge in your back? The Wheeled Snow Shovel from Structured Solutions eliminates the back breaking work. You push the snow away with the massive shovel and a large 0ver-sized wheel. No lifting necessary. No

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Crovel Extreme II – Dig and Pry Your Way Out of Trouble

There are so many cool survival tools and multi-tools on the market, but rarely is one as useful as the Crovel Extreme II. The name Crovel stands for Crowbar and Shovel. It takes care of both of those functions in style, with an effective shovel

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Acecamp MultiTool Survivor Shovel

You could not dig yourself out of trouble with a shovel, or could you? The Survivor MultiTool Shovel from AceCamp almost guarantees you will get out of trouble. The shovel is just 12″ long and weight around 11 ounces, so how is it going to

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Super Penetration Shovel

It is gardening time. The ground is packed hard, solid, resistant to effort from the long winter. You need a shovel that can cut through the dirt, not figuratively, but literally. The All-Steel Super Penetration Shovel from Garrett Wade has a pointed tip to break