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Chill Out Sofa by Building TD and mastermind Japan

When you put two groups of master designers together you know something special is going to happen. The darkly talented designers at mastermind Japan and Building TD came together to build the Chill Out Sofa. These teams have worked together on previous projects, but this

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Tephra Formations Furniture by Robert Stadler

This furniture makes you wonder what designer Robert Stadler does on vacation. Tephra formations in nature are created by the violent eruptions of volcanoes. The molten rocks plummet to the earth smashing to the ground and cooling into incredible designs. Robert Stadler’s furniture is based

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The Sofist – A Sophisticated and Minimal Sofa

What would you get if you took some steel rods, a few cushions, and a board?  Most of us would probably end up with a big twisted mess on our hands.  If you are Sule Koc you make a magical sofa which manages to be