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Sriracha2Go – Packing The Heat Anywhere You Go

It is irritating how few restaurants and vendors understand our passion for Sriracha. We do not just want it at home or in our favorite Thai restaurant. We want it all the time. French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, soups, and hundreds of other foods can be

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UV Sriracha Vodka

Our obsession with Sriracha is unparalleled. We put that sh*t on everything! That’s why this latest innovation, UV Sriracha Vodka might just be the best news we heard all week. This Sriracha vodka would make for the best Bloody Mary cocktail in town and for

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Sriracha Candy Canes from J&D

Bored with the peppermint goodness of candy canes? Tired of your kids stealing all the candy canes from the tree and sucking them to nothingness? J&D Foods has something that ends boredom and sets your kids on fire, their wickedly hot Sriracha Candy Canes. One

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Sriracha Lip Balm

That wonderful burn. You just cannot get enough of that spicy heat that comes from Sriracha Sauce from Thailand. It is the sizzle you crave when you eat Thai food and goes great on so many things. You can have the great flavor around the

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Sriracha Rooster Chili Sauce Lollipop

Do you have a sweet tooth or a desire to burn your mouth on some sizzling chili? Lollyphile has created the perfect blend of both. They took the sizzling power of Sriracha Chili sauce out of China and concocted lollipops which are deliciously risky. These lollipops