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Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote

Admit it! There are times you wish you had a Star Trek Phaser to blast you television out of existence. Those times when your team just fumbled the ball to lose the game. When politicians fill the airwaves with their “truths” is another one of

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Infographic: Guide to Star Trek Uniform Lineage

Do you know your Star Trek uniforms? You can clearly state what uniform comes from what show, what movie, and whether it belongs on a man, woman, enlisted personnel, or an officer? I didn’t think so. With the help of the brilliant minds and the

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Star Trek Into Darkness Starfleet Phaser Set

Trekkies everywhere rejoiced when Star Trek Into Darkness continued the Star Trek saga with another outstanding movie, and now they can join in the battle with their own Starfleet Phaser Set. The Phaser is a true replica of the one used in the movie and

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Limited Edition Star Trek Wines with Artwork by Juan Ortiz

Calling all Trekkies, you need to move fast. Viansa Winery from Sonoma has teamed us with Juan Ortiz to create an incredible series of wines labeled with poster artwork from Juan Ortiz. The labels features posters from “The City on the Edge of Forever”, “Mirror

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Star Trek Phaser Laser Pointer

Your wait is over. The Klingons, Romulan, and Borg can now attack. We finally have Star Trek Phaser that shoots a real laser, but of course, it is just a cool looking laser pointer, so maybe we should wait for that all out invasion. Your