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A Hidden Lab Star Wars Sculptures

Obsessed with Star Wars? These are probably the nicest Star Wars sculptures we have ever seen! Hong Kong’s A Hidden Lab, will be featuring ahead of the release of The Force Awakens, a limited edition run of some of the most iconic Star Wars characters. The

star wars wheres the wookiee

Star Wars Where’s the Wookiee Search and Find Book

In anticipation to the premier of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, toy makers from all over the world rejoice and have done everything they can to incorporate Star Wars in virtually everything. If you are a fan of Where’s Waldo, there’s the new Find the

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Darth Vader Toaster

If you enjoy villains, especially Star Wars villains, this Darth Vader toaster is going to be a must buy. The toaster is shaped like a Darth Vader helmet, but that is not the cool part. The toaster perfectly brands Darth Vader heads onto every slice

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14K Gold Star Wars Cufflinks

Do your business tactics call upon good and fairness of the good side of the force, or do you call upon the dark side of the force in your business dealings? You can showoff your personal business style with a pair of Star Wars 14K

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Star Wars Pumpkin Push-Ins

Pumpkin season is here and the Dark Side of the Force is conspiring to turn Halloween and Thanksgiving into a time of evil conquest. The Star Wars Darth Vader Pumpkin Push-Ins could give you the easiest way ever conceived to decorate a pumpkin and have

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Star Wars Battling Slot Car Racers

We all loved slot car race tracks when we were kids. Pull the trigger hard and watch that car zip around the track, easing off just enough to make sure it does not launch into the air on the hairpin curves. Hammacher Schlemmer has the

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Star Wars Onesies

Who said dressing up as a Star Wars character was just for Halloween? Now you can feel the Force every night by slipping into a set of these cool looking Star Wars Onesies pajamas. The comfortable pajamas are made from a polyester cotton blend, but

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Star Wars Typography Cufflinks

Which do you think your friends and co-workers are going to notice first, a set of gold cufflinks, or Darth Vader cuff links. Those gold cufflinks are common place, while wearing Darth Vader on your French cuff sleeves is a little extraordinary. Not a fan

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Skin Tight Star Wars Costumes

Do you want to walk around looking like Chewbacca? Or do you prefer to look like Boba Fett or Darth Vadar? The problem with many costumes is they are loose, heavy, and hot. The Second Skin costumes have none of those problems. Their only problem

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Star Wars Spatulas

Can you feel the force flowing through that flapjack as you prepare to flip it to the dark side? What better way to add a touch of fun to cooking pancakes, eggs, and burgers than to season them with a little Star Wars mayhem? You