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2016 Trion Nemesis Brings 2000 HP To The Road

The competition in the sports car arena continues to heat up with new entrants almost every year. Trion has now thrown down a challenge that will have other manufacturers scrambling to match. The 2016 Trion Nemesis will be the new beast of the roads with

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Ferrari F80 Supercar Concept Design by Adriano Raeli

The 2013 release of the new Ferrari LaFerrari delighted sports car enthusiasts with its fantastic new appeal. Most people could not imagine a better looking, or more perfect Ferrari, but Adriano Raeli could. The Italian designer took the design of the LaFerrari and went to work

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Detroit Electric SP01

You are probably wondering. Is the Detroit Electric just a clever ploy to skin and electric car in a sports car body to make a few sales? Let us take a close look. The Detroit Electric SP:01 can line-up side by side with a Porsche

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Weismann Spyder

This is one tough little car.  The Wiesmann Company has created one of the most outstand cars to carry the name Spyder in many years.  The car tips the scales at an ultralight 1000Kilograms.  With a 420 HP 4 liter engine tucked under the hood it

1955 mercedes bens w 196 siberpfeil

1955 Mercedes Benz W196 Silberpfeil

Sometimes the hottest looking cars filled with the best gadgets do not measure up to the cars of history.  The 1955 Mercedes-Benz W196 Silberpfeil is one car which is still unmatched in the coolness factor.  Better known as the Mercedes Benz Silver Arrow the car