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Dark Energy Poseidon

Looking for a portable charger that is ideal for any survival situation? Dark Energy’s Poseidon 10,000 mAh portable charger was tested under some of the toughest conditions thrown at it by the Special Forces. This charger has been thrown off a bridge, run over by an

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Crovel Extreme II – Dig and Pry Your Way Out of Trouble

There are so many cool survival tools and multi-tools on the market, but rarely is one as useful as the Crovel Extreme II. The name Crovel stands for Crowbar and Shovel. It takes care of both of those functions in style, with an effective shovel

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Katadyn Mini Water Microfilter

Clean pure water is essential to life, especially if your stuck in the wilderness. How can you know if the water is clean? How can you turn dirty tainted water into something usable? The Katadyn Mini Water Microfilter removes both baceteria and protozoa using a

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LifeCap Waterproof Capsules by Exotac

There are a few things that are essential to survival in the wilderness. You need matches that are dry, bone dry. You need cord that is safe, clean, and dry for setting snares or building shelter. There are those few items you cannot afford to

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Never Be Lost Again with GPS Shoes by Dominic Wilcox

Imagine walking down a lonely street in a new city with complete confidence. You know exactly where you are going, even if you don’t really know. The GPS Shoes designed by Dominic Wilcox keep you on track. One shoe has a circle of LED lights

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Henry Repeating Arms Survival Kit

You probably thought of Henry Rifles for their AR-7 U.S. Survival Rifle when you were putting together your Zombie and emergency survival gear, but did you think of them for your basic survival kit, too? If not, you should. The Henry Repeating Survival Kit starts

survival grenade kit

Survival Grenade Kit by Rocky S2V

Sorry men. The Survival Grenade Kit by Rocky S2V does not explode, implode, or detonate in any way, but it still can save your life. This small survival kit can be clipped onto your belt loop, your backpack, or stuffed into your glove box. Even