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Tiny Folding Survival Bow Weighs Folds to Under 2 Feet

Carrying a high-quality bow around in your vehicle can be unwieldy. Go Primal Now knows you can never know when a prime hunting opportunity may appear, or when a survival situation could pop-up. The Folding Survival Bow gives you a full-featured bow in just a

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Action Hero Rescue Kit

It is amazing how long the wiley ideas of MacGyver have stayed in the imagination of the world, long after the TV show left the air. In this cool Action Hero Rescue Kit,  you have all the things a budding MacGyver would need to save

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Henry Repeating Arms Survival Kit

You probably thought of Henry Rifles for their AR-7 U.S. Survival Rifle when you were putting together your Zombie and emergency survival gear, but did you think of them for your basic survival kit, too? If not, you should. The Henry Repeating Survival Kit starts

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Life Disc Survival Kit

The Life Disc Project on Indiegogo is taking a new direction in the creation of survival kits. The Life Disc is a plastic disc that is 37 mm thick and 200 mm in diameter. Included inside the disc is storage space large enough to hold

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TASK: Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit

There are no Zombies on the way. The alien invasion has been delayed. Foreign armies are not on the doorstep. So why in the world do you need TASK? Because as every Boy Scout can tell you, BE PREPARED. Things can change in an instant.

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Zombie Apocalypse First Aid Kit

Grab your favorite machete or chainsaw, board up your doors and windows because it’s time to protect yourself and your loved ones because a zombie apocalypse is coming to a city near you! With the undead coming back to life it’s essential to pack your

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Gerber’s The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Kit

If you are anything like us, you watched last night’s episode of HBO’s The Walking Dead and noticed one of Gerber‘s handy pieces in action. If the world is ever overruled by zombies, would you be equipped with enough gear to protect your family and