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Darth Vader Toaster

If you enjoy villains, especially Star Wars villains, this Darth Vader toaster is going to be a must buy. The toaster is shaped like a Darth Vader helmet, but that is not the cool part. The toaster perfectly brands Darth Vader heads onto every slice

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Flip Down Breakfast Toaster

We have just entered into breakfast heaven. The Flip Down Breakfast Toaster may quickly become your favorite small kitchen appliance. The Toaster gives you the great wide mouth toaster you need for doing English Muffins and Bagels, but adds one feature you are going to

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Trebuchet Toaster – Ready, Aim, Eat

Do you remember all the times your mother told you to quit playing with your food?  Well now you have the perfect excuse to start again, the Trebuchet Toaster.  This is one of the best gift ideas for men who need an adventure at their