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Hardcore Hammers

Have you ever stood in the aisles of a hardware store and wondered why there are so many different claw hammers on the rack and so many different prices? They may all look the same and are not much different. One look at Hardcore Hammers

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Tiny Titanium Keychain Tools

Guys does putting the words titanium and tools together give you the same excited feeling it does me?  Titanium brings up visions of indestructibility.  Tools are a man’s favorite play toys.  How could it get any better?  Maybe if you made some tiny tools we

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MagnoGrip – Get a Grip on Your Nails and Screws

Working on your car or around the house can be very frustrating.  You need your hands free to hold onto a nail and the other hand for the hammer.  You end up sticking the extra nails in a pocket or in your mouth.  Then you sneeze