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Toy Mercedes Benz AMG 63 Car

It is time your kids stepped up to a Mercedes Benz AMG 63 for their driving pleasure, too. Many of us “big kids” have a Mercedes Benz on our list of dream cars, and now our children can, too. For just a few hundred dollars

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Wouter Scheublin | 2010 | Toy Car

This fascinating object is in fact a miniature toy car. Designed by Wouter Scheublin, an emerging artist from the Netherlands, who studied industrial design at the Technical University of Delft and the Design Academy Eindhoven. He started his own design studio in 2005 and now,

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Electronic Guitar Shirt

I thought guitar hero was cool when it came out but this tee really is the next level of portable instrument playing. Why carry your guitar on your back when you can literally have it on your chest. This amazing piece of work is not