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Two Person Umbrella

There she stands looking cute and forlorn, stuck under the awning of the building watching the pouring rain with no umbrella. It is your big chance. You walk up, ask if she wants to share your umbrella, and then amaze her as you pop open

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Samurai Umbrella

Think about all those great scenes where we have seen martial arts experts use a normal umbrella destroy their opponents in the movies. Think about all those times you have seen normal umbrellas lose their battle to the rain and wind. It is time for

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Unbreakable Self Defense Umbrella

Do you need some form of protection that you can carry through security points and avoid strange looks? The Unbreakable Self Defense Umbrella from the Villains Attic is perfect. It is so strong you can stand on it between two chairs and it will not

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Tricked Out Umbrella

It may appear just like an umbrella, but this Tricked Out Umbrella will protect you from more then just the rain. Just unscrew the knuckle guard handle and a 15″ stainless steel blade is unveiled to deter any would-be attackers from the scene. Clever indeed