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This USB 5-in-1 Adapter is Ideal For Travelling

I think we all search for ways to reduce clutter especially when travelling. Hoarding all sorts of Apple wires, USB cables among other recharging devices is frustrating and unpractical. For those of you looking to simplify your lives, this USB 5-in-1 USB Adapter ($15 USD)

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Andru Android USB Cell Phone Charger

Tired of boring USB chargers? You know those chargers that come in any color you want, as long as it is black plastic. Andru Android only has one place in his life for black. It is for his beady little robot eyes. This fun USB

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Turning on the Tap to Charge USB Devices

When the power is waning in your USB devices and you need a quick refill just head over to the tap, plug in the cord, and turn the spigot.  Soon your USB device will be overflowing with power, as long as you used the right