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AK-47 USB Flash Drive

Do you have some very sensitive data you need to protect with your life? Do you need the extreme protection of carrying an AK-47 everywhere you go? Maybe the AK-47 USB Flash Drive will give you a feeling of data security with its tough looking

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Apotop USB 32 GB Flash Drive

Why in the world do you need another Flash Drive? The 32 GB size is not special? The drive uses USB 2.0, so it does not even make the technology leap to USB 3.0. Why is it cool? This Apotop USB drive is built to

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Pico Miniature Aluminium Flash Drive

Smaller than a quarter. Under 3 grams in weight. Strong and powerful. Those descriptions barely start to give you a feel for this fantastic tiny USB 3.0 Flash Drive. The forged aluminum case is beautiful. The size is incredible. This USB drive needs to be

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myIDkey, Secure and Easy Password Storage

You need passwords for everything. The rules keeping getting more complex and everyone keeps warning you not to write them down. How in the world are you supposed to remember dozens of complex passwords and keep the secure? myIDkey is a solution that is solid,

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Gigs2Go, Tear and Share USB Drives

BoltGroup is well-known around the world for their innovative thinking and out-of-the-box marketing ideas. They have just hit another home run with their new tear and share USB drives names Gigs.2.Go. At the moment these USB flash drives are in the concept stage but with

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Ultra-Compact USB Drive, Minimalistic Data-Storage

For most of us tech-savvy people, it is expected that every USB thumb drive should be as compact as possible. Data needs to be accessible, portable and transferable. If you use a bulky USB stick every day you might appreciate this Ultra-Compact USB drive ($88

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Crypteks USB Drive

Chillax, the good people at Crypteks have our information secured with their latest Kickstarter creation called the Crypteks USB Drive ($130-$160). This ultra-secure portable drive features a precision-crafted solid aluminum mechanical lock that offers up to 14,348,907 possible combinations keeping your USB stick securely concealed

Numlock USB Stick

NumLock USB Stick

Encryption, passwords, and all of that jazz is great for securing your memory stick, but what about a little physical security to go along with it.  The NumLock USB Stick is an amazing combination of a USB memory stick and a rotating numeric lock. The

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USB Wall Socket

Are you overrun with adapters for all of your hand-held devices?   Most of them can be charged by plugging into the USB ports of your computer, but who wants to mess with that?  The engineers at FastMac thought the same thing, only they didn’t

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USB 2.0 Gun – Securing Your Data A New Way

Have you ever wanted to carry a gun from home to the office?  This is one gun which can be loaded with your most dangerous ammo, your documents, spreadsheets, notes, and ideas. The Gun USB 2.0 Flash Memory is available in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB,