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Satechi Aluminum USB Hub

Most of the time the gadgets we highlight have some unique technical wizardry, but not the Satechi. Sometimes our highlighted gadgets stretch the imagination and functionality of a product category, but the not the Satechi Aluminum USB Hub. So, why is it highlighted today? Because

lowkey stand usb

Lowkey Stand with USB 2.0 Hub

The Lowkey Stand ($60) is a great way to get your desktop organized when you open an Apple Mac featuring the slim keyboard. This stand was specifically designed to ride low to the desk giving just enough room of the slim keyboard to slide underneath. It

contort flexible usb hub

Contort Flexible USB Hub

I am certain that Quirky has the solution to every tangled cable dilemma. Their latest, the Contort Flexible USB Hub allows you to securely protect your delicate USB thumb drive from any accidental bump and sending all your data to oblivion. The Contort is a four-port