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Numlock USB Stick

NumLock USB Stick

Encryption, passwords, and all of that jazz is great for securing your memory stick, but what about a little physical security to go along with it.  The NumLock USB Stick is an amazing combination of a USB memory stick and a rotating numeric lock. The

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USB 2.0 Gun – Securing Your Data A New Way

Have you ever wanted to carry a gun from home to the office?  This is one gun which can be loaded with your most dangerous ammo, your documents, spreadsheets, notes, and ideas. The Gun USB 2.0 Flash Memory is available in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB,

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USB Film Roll

Now here is an awesome gift for any photo geek – the USB Film Roll. This USB flash drive, camouflaged in a recycled film canister is an awesome piece of work. Remember back in the hay day, where you could only fit 24-36 images on