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Alcatraz Wall Clock

Imagine being stuck within the walls of Alcatraz for years. You mark down the days on the wall, keeping track of how much longer you will be incarcerated. The Alcatraz Wall Clock brings the feeling of the laborious countdown to ¬†your home. The clock’s numbers

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Rolex GMT Master II Wall Clock

You love the look of a Rolex watch on your wrist. OK, maybe you cannot even afford a Rolex for your wrist, but you love the fashion, style, and statement made by Rolex. Why not dress up your home or office with an oversized Rolex

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Catena Wall Clock by Andreas Dober

Do you ever feel chained by time? Andreas Dober must have experienced a few of those moments to inspire his latest wall clock. The Catena Wall Clock removes the chains of time from your shoulder and literally chains time to the clock. This clever design

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Mechanical Next Page Wall Clock

Infmetry takes the original wall clock that shows time through the use of pointers or an LCD screen and transforms it into a Mechanical Next Page Wall Clock ($69) similar to that of a scoreboard. Every time change, the internal mechanical components of the clocks