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Horological Machine No. 5 Watch Inspired by 1970’s Muscle Cars

For all you classic muscle car fanatics out there, get ready to strap your wrist with this gorgeous piece of horology craftsmanship from MB&F’s called the Horological Machine No. 5 ($58,000 USD). Inspired by the 1970’s muscle cars, this watch presents time through a series of mini

graham swordfish booster black watch

Graham Swordfish Booster Black Watch

What is it called the Graham Swordfish Booster Block watch? With those two enormous magnifying portals over the chronograph and timer you might think it should be called the Big Eye. Aside from the name, this watch is a tremendous piece of craftsmanship. The watch

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Jean Richard Diverscope Watch

Slide into that black rubber diving outfit and get ready to dive down to a depth of 300 meters. You might want to slip into a wetsuit, too. The JeanRichard Diverscope watch is not your average diving watch. The sealed stainless steel case has been covered in

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TSOVET Series 4 Watch

The TSOVET Series 4 ($750) is just like the Model T of watches. It comes in every color you want, as long as it is black. The watch case is made from brushed black PVD on top of stainless steel. The watch band is a beautiful black

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Watch Cufflinks

  Have you ever sat around staring at the inner workings of a watch in amazement? The bronze and stainless steel gears and springs working in unison creating an amazing mechanical beauty. Now you can take that amazing look and put it on the sleeves

mute watch

Mute Watch

What would you think of a watch which tells you nothing? Ok, the MuteWatch ($259) is actually not mute but an extremely clever and intriguing design for a watch. During most moments of the day the watch will look like a simple high quality bracelet

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GSD-1 Watch by Greg Stevens Design

Greg Stevens has created a marvelous watch for men.  The GSD-1 has the durable, strong, and classic rugged look men enjoy.  The wrist strap is a brown industrial appearing leather band. The movement is a bit intriguing.  The watch uses a 6947 Swiss movement which requires

baume et mercier capeland 10006

Capeland 10006 Baume et Mercier Watch

The Capeland 10006 Watch is one of the most amazing timepieces you can strap onto your wrist.  It may not qualify as one of the best gadgets you will ever buy, but it does qualify as the best watch you may ever own. The Capeland

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Nooka 360 SV Timepiece

Now you can tell the time in style and with ease. Simple, classic and clean – The Nooka 360 features an easy to read analog display with a very subtle geometric pattern as well as a unique watch case that rotates clockwise 360 degrees. The

citizen eco drive satellite wave watch

Citizen: Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Watch

Manually setting your watch time is for suckers. The latest creation from Citizen called the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave watch searches and tabulates information from the closest of 24 satellites orbiting around the globe to set the day, date and time. Forget about inaccurate and forget