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miniot wood ipad case

Miniot Wood iPad Cover

What is beautiful natural wood, rolls, bends, and is a perfect match for your Apple iPad? The Miniot Wood iPad Cover may have you staring in amazement when you first see one. The beautiful wood grain looks tremendous covering the screen of your iPad. It provides a

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Duffy London: Woodsman Axe Coffee Table

This is one amazing creation from Duffy London. The ‘woodsman axe coffee table’ is the creation of several designers who got together to create a piece based on the Brothers Grimm tale. This is definitely a unique piece.

The Natural Speaker

Joon and Jung Studio have created a unique listening experience with their hand crafted, porcelain, ‘the natural speaker’. Usually, speakers are constructed to produce a rather fat bass and sharp high tones. The natural speaker, brakes the mold with their porcelain casing. Porcelain has properties