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Yamaha Vmax Gets the Roland Sands Treatment

Yamaha wanted to know how far the experts in motorcycle design could push the Yamaha Vmax, so they contacted Roland Sands and let him loose. Roland knew immediately that the heart of his build was to focus on the power of the Vmax, so he

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Yamaha XVS400 “Atlas” by BanditNine

Hidden in the busy city of Beijing is one of the most dynamic custom motorcycle building shops in the world, BanditNine. Headed by Daryl Villanueva, BanditNine keeps pumping out impressive builds packed with anger and fury. Terming the bikes beautiful would be an insult. These

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XJR1300 Project by Deus and Yamaha

When Yamaha made the decision to have an XJR1300 redefined they turned to the Deus offices in Italy. They obviously made the perfect choice. Deus stripped the bike down to bare bolts and started reconstructing and customizing from the ground up. Their Yard Built production

yamaha keyboard notebook

Yamaha Keyboard Notebook

How could you increase the creativity of a musical child or a budding song writer?  Why not combine a keyboard and leather bound notebook to unleash their creativity?  This is exactly what one design concept from Yamaha proposes. The question the design really leaves you wondering

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Yamaha PDX-11 Portable Speaker

Yamaha has created a very useful PDX-11 Portable Speaker System for our active and on-the-go lifestyles. Easy-to-carry, powerful speaker system frees your iPod and iPhone from your hand and places in comfortable on their latest docking station. This octagon-shaped speaker system is designed to deliver