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zombie princess decal for your macbook

Zombie Princess Decal

It is time to shake up your friends and children who see you typing away on your 13″ MacBook.  The Zombie Princess Decal vinly sticker is a sure way to turn your MacBook into one of the coolest gadgets around. The Zombie Princess is designed to

Zombie Bowlingheads Bowling Ball

Zombie Bowlingheads Bowling Ball

13th Street – Bowlingheads – Specially designed bowling balls are designed by famous spraygun artist, Oliver Paass. The cut-off zombie heads will turn heads on your next bowling game. These amazing pieces of art took three weeks of detailed 360° layouts that were sprayed on

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Zombie Feet Sandals

Just about when I thought they ran out of zombie ideas – the Zombie Feet Sandals. I don’t know who would sport these bad boys but I am sure some of you will. These zombie shaped sandals are great to wear around the house, on