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Zombie Rider Playing Cards by Gavin Rooney

Choppers, Burly Bikers, Zombies, and poker. Does that mixture of elements bring up visions of a poker game from hell? Artist Gavin Rooney combined these intense elements to create a set of playing cards that are destined to be a favorite in biker bar’s around

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Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper

They claim a glass of wine per day is great for your heart and overall health, but would  you be sure of those facts if you found a bottle with a Zombie arm sticking out of the top, a finger extended as if asking you,

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Zombie Foot Dog Toy

We have had you lusting after the Zombie Apocalypse Truck, the Zombie Survival Kit, and other Zombie Gear, now it is time to get your prime defender ready for the onslaught of Zombies we all know is just around the corner. The Zombie Foot Dog

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Shock and Awe Zombie Killer Knife

Did you hear that sound outside? The creaking of the floorboards on the porch? That scuffling sound of feet dragging as someone is moving closer and closer to your front door. Why are you not worried? Did you already buy your Shock and Awe Zombie

first aid zombies

Zombie Apocalypse First Aid Kit

Grab your favorite machete or chainsaw, board up your doors and windows because it’s time to protect yourself and your loved ones because a zombie apocalypse is coming to a city near you! With the undead coming back to life it’s essential to pack your

zombie shuffle card game

Zombie Shuffle Card Game

If your looking for a new zombie game fix, Zombie Shuffle ($8 USD) card game will satiate your needs. Zombie Shuffle is a fast-paced zombie card game made from a standard 52-card deck. Face cards are zombies, aces are survivors, 2 through 10 cards are weapons and power

zombie survival guide

Zombie Survival Guide, Just In Case…

As the zombie culture keeps growing by the second like a full-blown zombie outbreak, what better than getting your very own Zombie Survival Guide ($15 USD), just in case. Fully illustrated and exhaustively comprehensive, this survival guide covers absolutely everything you need to know, including

zombie bookends

Zombie Bookends

Just when we thought the shark bookends was cool, this came along. For all you Walking Dead, zombie apocalypse fans, this one’s for you! Made from solid steel, these Zombie Bookends ($40 USD) are heavy enough to hold up your reading collection while still being a unique piece to

zombie princess decal for your macbook

Zombie Princess Decal

It is time to shake up your friends and children who see you typing away on your 13″ MacBook.  The Zombie Princess Decal vinly sticker is a sure way to turn your MacBook into one of the coolest gadgets around. The Zombie Princess is designed to

Zombie Bowlingheads Bowling Ball

Zombie Bowlingheads Bowling Ball

13th Street – Bowlingheads – Specially designed bowling balls are designed by famous spraygun artist, Oliver Paass. The cut-off zombie heads will turn heads on your next bowling game. These amazing pieces of art took three weeks of detailed 360° layouts that were sprayed on