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3D Nanoscale Printers Creating Items Smaller Than Eyes Can Perceive

3d nanoscale printer

Nanoscale Systems and other nano technology companies are now developing and testing 3D printers that can print objects smaller than the human eye can see. Imagine a printer that creates gear that are smaller than the leg of a dust mite. Remember, we cannot even see dust mites without the aid of powerful magnifying glasses. This new technology is aimed at creating 3D objects that may aid in development of new healthcare products, microprocessors, and other technologies that are only feasible on a scale we cannot see with the unaided eye. Imagine being able to print materials to aid the in repair of cuts and incision in our skin that leave almost no scars and speed the healing dramatically.

This new technology may revolutionize numerous industries as production costs plummet for making tiny components required for science and technologies latest innovations.



Via IndustryTap and NanoScale