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3Doodler 3D Printing Pen

3doodler 3d printing pen

Imagine doodling in the air, but this time it becomes real. We have all used our finger to paint a picture in the air. Most of us doodle at least a little on paper. None of us has doodled in the air and watched our imagination become instantly real, except the inventors of 3Doodler. This amazing 3D printing pen allows you to write on a flat surface, or to start doodling three dimensionally. As you write the pen pushes out a thin thread of plastic that almost instantly solidifies creating the shape you are drawing. You can create springs, buildings, animals, or almost any item you can sketch, but this time is stands up in the air and takes shape in reality.

This cool idea launched as a KickStarter project that pulled in over 2 million dollars in funding and is now starting into production. You can pre-order a 3Doodler for just $99. That is less than a drawing tablet for your PC and gives you an ability that has never existed before.



Via 3Doodler