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AKG K3003 Reference Class 3-Way Earphones

cool gadgets: akg k3003 earphones

Are you needing a little more from your earphones, or maybe a lot more?  The AKG K3003 earphones can satisfy your desire for high quality sound reproduction along with great comfort and style.

The K3003 reference class earphones have a great look with their brushed stainless steel outer.  Instead of cheap plastic at your ear, in the Y-connector, and 3.5mm jack plug you have beautiful stainless.  This not only adds to the appearance it makes the K3003 a tough pair of earphones, too.

The K3003 has inline volume control which also houses a tiny microphone.  These are not your standard off-the-shelf earphones.  They give you a frequency range from a deep resonating 10hz all the way to a clear high 30khz.  The input impedance is an impressive 8 ohms.  These tiny earphones are crystal clear and should be. 

This high-quality does come with a price.  The AKG K3003 earphones retail for 836 Euro, or approaching a whoppiong 1200 USD.  If you want to experience the same quality of sound music aficionado’s, producers, and musicians demand in the studio then the AKG K3003 is exactly what you are looking for. The earphones even offer sound dampening of outside sounds to make sure you only hear crystal clear music.

Via The Fancy, can be purchased at the Colette E-Shop