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Apple Car Play – The Battle for Automobile Supremacy Begins

apple carplay

A war is being waged in automotive corporate rooms and in high-tech war rooms at Google, Apple, and Microsoft. The prize? Taking over the entertainment centers of automobiles. Apple Car Play is the hot new entry from Apple that has already landed companies like Hyundai, Volvo, and Jaguar, but they are in a war with Android developers and Microsoft to get a corner on the market. Apple Car Play brings the power of iOS to the dashboard allowing you easy control of all your portable media and easy integration with your other Apple devices. Apple’s slick design is grabbing the attention of automotive manufacturers.

Who will reign supreme in the battle for car interiors? We suspect it is going to turn into the same war we see in phones today. Apple and Google Android will rule the market with almost an even split, with Microsoft tagging along as an also ran.

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